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87 Thoughts I Had Re-Watching "Mary Poppins"

After 15 years, I tried to find the symbolism so you didn't have to.

Anjali Desai 4 years ago

27 British Men Who Should Fall In Love With Me ASAP

They'd treat a lady like royalty.

Anjali Desai 5 years ago

Indian Actors Snatching "White" Roles

All hail the red, white and brown.

Anjali Desai 5 years ago

10 Life Lessons From Pixar's Ratatouille

A.K.A "How to avoid feeling like Rat-Patooty"

Anjali Desai 5 years ago

The Many Faces Of Rachel McAdams

With just a change of cut and color, it's a whole new film!

Anjali Desai 6 years ago

The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Going To The Gym

You've started your health kick, and by "health kick" I mean "health is going to kick your ass."

Anjali Desai 6 years ago