27 British Men Who Should Fall In Love With Me ASAP

They’d treat a lady like royalty.

1. Colin Firth

aka King of My Heart

2. Eddie Redmayne

3. James McAvoy

4. Tom Hiddleston

Remember kids, Evil is sexy.

5. Charlie Hunnam

6. Jude Law

7. Benedict Cumberbatch

Excuse me, the God formerly known as Benedict Cumberbatch.

8. Nicholas Hoult

9. Dan Stevens

10. Andrew Garfield

Kindly catch me in your web.

11. Jamie Dornan

12. Iwan Rheon

13. Dev Patel

With you, I’d feel like a millionaire.

14. Harry Lloyd

15. Martin Freeman

16. Joe Dempsie

Gen-Dry me off, he’s so hot.

17. Jack Davenport

18. Idris Elba

19. Hugh Dancy

20. Kit Harington

Praise the Seven.

21. Henry Cavill

22. Richard Madden

To the King in the North! (RIP)

23. Matt Smith

24. Josh Bowman

Who would pay him to talk like an American? Not me.

25. Ewan McGregor

26. Jeremy Irvine

27. Robert Pattinson

Because we all have eyes, people.

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