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    • AngryUnicorn54

      Setting aside the political arguments-which is the single dumbest “reason” to love or hate Leno, or any of the non-Comedy Central talk shows for that matter-the reason that so many dislike Leno is in this article. The image of Jay Leno, whether it’s fair or not, is that he will absolutely be “a sniveling backstabber, unable to confront or defend even his most loyal supporters” anytime that the pressure is on him. When the Conan debacle went down, he hadachance to change that perception. All it would have taken was for Jay to say “this isn’t right, andIwon’t be part of it” and walk away. He had NBC by the proverbial short and curlies. Even if he ultimately ended up coming back to The Tonight Show, the perception and narrative would have changed. There is no denying his success, but it’s because his brand of humor appeals toaset of people that still find The Simpsons offensive. If that’s your particular flavor, that’s fine, you’re more than welcome to like what you like, but the tide has changed. It’s pretty clear that the majority of the 18-34 year old demo likes the edgier-or younger-stuff. The simple truth of TV is that the 18-34, and toaslightly lesser extent the 25-54 demo, are the money demos. That’s what NBC wants, and they want to lock in the younger viewers now foralong time. I’m betting that Leno doesn’t fair as well there, or that there is clear evidence of the younger viewers leaving for the Jimmy’s, Conan, Comedy Central, and/or Ferguson. If that’s true, NBC doesn’t haveachoice but to try and makeamove. I’m not sure Fallon is the answer, and yes Leno will go elsewhere and most likely win, but it’s entirely possible that he won’t win as big. As for Conan, it’s hard to argue that NBC gave himafair chance. The single biggest challenge for any talk show is finding its voice.Ithink that Conan was in the process of figuring out what from his old show would work and what wouldn’t. He should have been given more time, and certainly putting Leno on at 10 didn’t help, nor did making Conan move to California rather than letting him stay in New York where he would have had less competition for guests. To the points made about Conan’s lack of ratings now, he’s on cable. Cable numbers are vastly different than network (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) numbers. His numbers are going to be lower because many people (myself included) don’t have cable. Access to fewer homes=lower ratings, which is why cable ratings are essentially graded onacurve. As for me,Ijust find Jay’s delivery and jokes to be bad. He doesn’t make me laugh, nor doIenjoy his interview style, but I’m pretty clearly Team Coco, soImight not be totally unbiased here.

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