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How To Make A Fugly Baby Look Ridiculously Cute

This baby is so ugly, it's borderline cute. Look at how all the romping it's doing in the sun, pretending it could be cuddled hard.

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You deserve to be cuddled SO HARD, little fugly baby.

Busch Gardens / Via

Look how ugly-cute you are in that grass. Your wrinkly grey skin looks like it smells, yo, but you're a baby, and every baby smells good in a picture.

Try to pretend you could never grow up to be a fugly beast, baby aardvark. / Via http://Busch%20Gardens

Oh, baby aardvark. You're so ugly-cute, those Busch Gardens vets can't even figure out if you're a girl or a boy.

Hide that uncovered wrinkly gray skin in the shade, baby aardvark.

Busch Gardens / Via

Hope you have some stock in Coppertone, cute-ugly, gender-indeterminant baby aardvark. A little pink on your skin would just make you look weird.

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