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Can You Guess Which Romance Books Have Higher Ratings?

Test your knowledge of these popular romance books. You think you know which has more stars, but you have no idea. Probably. Or maybe you do, Dirty McSmartypants.

Angie Pangie • 3 years ago

What Your Bookshelf Says About Your Shameless Fangirl Status

Are you a romance book series super-fan? Would your fangirl status make others uncomfortable? Take this quiz to see how intense your love is for reading a book series.

Angie Pangie • 4 years ago

17 Hottest Book Covers That Will Melt Your Panties

Fabio is dead to us, or he might as well be, because these gorgeous romance covers killed the cheesy wind-blown cover model. Quit listening to your mother and judge these books Smut Book Club loves by their covers.

Angie Pangie • 5 years ago

12 Smut Books By Indie Authors That Are Better Than Most Traditionally Published Books

These authors are doing it for themselves, and they make no apologies. Smut Book Club supports all good authors; we just give extra love to those who rock it on their own.

Angie Pangie • 5 years ago

How To Make A Fugly Baby Look Ridiculously Cute

This baby is so ugly, it's borderline cute. Look at how all the romping it's doing in the sun, pretending it could be cuddled hard.

Angie Pangie • 6 years ago