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    • angelp12

      I support seeing the evidence. We’ve been hidden from everything.Isupport everyone (victim & offender) gettingaFAIR un-biased trial.Ido not support the possible fact that he murdered people, butIsupport him receiving fair treatment and not just thrown into the Death Penalty because he is one of the most hated people in the world right now.Iwant to know & SEE the facts-because unfortunatelyIdon’t always believe what our authorities tell us.IDO support James, andIam NOT ashamed.Isupport his right to FAIRNESS. Everyone deserves FAIRNESS. His parents, his sister, his own MENTALITY…were ALL victims too. Even MORE ofareason for him to haveafair case presented. If he did it, he did it and shame on him…ButIwill NEVER stop supporting him. If he is deemed guilty by court of law,ISTILL support him getting mental health aide.Idon’t care what ANYONE says.Iam NOT ashamed.

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