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These 17 Questions Will Tell You If You Should Dump Him Or Not

You know you want to send this to a friend.

  1. How are
    his shoes?

  2. Does he actually listen to you or just wait for his turn to talk?

  3. How quickly does he text back?

  4. Does he get anxious if you try to look at
    his phone?

  5. How does he treat his mother?

  6. Does he noticeably check out other people?

  7. Does he get along with your friends?

  8. How do his clothes fit?

  9. Is he reasonably aware and thoughtful about his own mental health, and yours?

  10. Does he pay
    for shit?

  11. How do you feel about his career prospects?

  12. Will he watch your favorite shows with you, even if he doesn't like them?

  13. How does
    he smell?

  14. Would you be nervous to introduce him to your parents?

  15. Does he ignore you when you're with his friends?

  16. Does he still have dating apps on his phone?

  17. Okay, but how good is the dick though?

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