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Happy Father's Day 2015

Just a few reasons why our dad is better than yours ;)

1. He always makes us feel safe

Valerie Wheatley

Even when over seas with out him, he still finds ways to make sure you're watched over!

2. He pushes us to do our best

Whether it's academically or in sports he makes sure we excel!

3. He can be pretty funny when he wants to be ;)

Son- "Dad, don't take my picture"

Dad-"Why not?"

Son-"Security reasons"

*Dads solution*

(Actual conversation taken from Facebook)

4. He taught us how to shoot

And if I do say so myself we're all a pretty good shot!

5. He's our #1 supporter

He will be the first person to brag about our accomplishments to everyone he knows

6. He gave us some of the best friends we could ever have

And a huge appreciation for History!

ft. Abraham Linclon

Have a great Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day 2015! We love you so much (even when we butt heads) and you are the best dad anyone could ask for! I'm so happy that we got you :) We Love you!

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