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    If I Had One Wish, It Would Be For These 19 Technologies From These TV Show And Movies To Be A Real Thing

    Honestly, the world would be significantly improved with these technologies.

    Movies and television shows are fantasy fuelers that can make you hopeful and imaginative about the future.


    1. Spy Kids — Microwave

    2. Clueless — Cher's Closet

    3. The Jetsons, Back to the Future — Flying Cars

    4. Star Trek — Teleporters

    5. Phil of the Future — Spray Food Can

    6. Back to the Future — Hover Boards

    7. Passengers — Hypersleep Pods

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    Columbia Pictures

    Do you know how much hypersleep pods, like the ones in Passengers, would revolutionize the beauty industry. Imagine being  able to peacefully sleep for years and not age a day. If the creation of hypersleep pods are feasible, than this would take anti-aging products to new heights.

    8. Dr. Who — TARDIS

    9. Futurama — What-If Machine

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    The Curiosity Company/30th Century Fox

    Someone please design an actual What-If machine like from Futurama. This technology will completely save humanity from making critical and trivial mistakes.

    10. Meet the Robinsons — Memory Scanner

    11. Click — Universal Remote

    12. Star Wars — Light Sabers

    Star Wars

    13. Phil of the Future — Replicator

    Phil of the Future

    14. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — Memory Eraser

    15. Inception — PASIV Device

    16. Star Wars — Speeder Bike

    17. Phil of The Future — Instamorph

    Phil of the Future

    18. Iron Man — J.A.R.V.I.S

    19. Star Wars — Holodeck