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What Celebrities Auditioned For "Saturday Night Live" But Didn't Get Cast?

We really could've had it all!

Saturday Night Live is a pretty dang iconic show. It's been on air for 45 seasons now, and there's no shortage of interesting facts and history surrounding it.

I think it's safe to say SNL has introduced us to tons of incredible and very funny actors, but it's also turned down some very hilarious humans who later went on to become mega-big celebrities.

So, fellow SNL fans, I have a question for you! Are there any celebrities who auditioned but didn't make it onto the show that absolutely baffle you?

Maybe you were surprised to learn that Lisa Kudrow was rejected for a spot on the show before her career kicked off as Phoebe on Friends.

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe on "Friends"

Perhaps you'll never quite understand how Donald Glover — who'd already been writing for 30 Rock at the time — was overlooked to play Barack Obama on SNL back in 2007.

Donald Glover on "Community"

Or maybe you were super shocked to learn that Stephen Colbert — who now hosts The Late Show — tried out for SNL back in 1992 and didn't make the cut.

Stephen Colbert hosting "The Late Show"

Whoever they are, we wanna hear about it! In the comments below, tell us about your favorite celebrities who auditioned for Saturday Night Live but didn't make it on the show. Your answer just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!