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19 Quizzes That Were So Entertaining, Almost A Million People Took Them This Month

Say goodbye to boredom and hello to Disney quizzes!

ATTENTION: This isn't a quiz! This is a compilation of our most viral quizzes this month to keep you entertained during all this chaos! I hope you have fun taking them!

1. If You Can’t Pass This Quiz, You Shouldn’t Have Graduated From High School

2. There Are 50 US States And I'll Be Impressed If You Can Find 15 Of Them

5. Can You Guess The Disney Princess If We Cover Up Her Hair And Clothes?

6. If This Random Knowledge Quiz Is Too Easy, You're Too Smart

7. These Are The Hardest Test Questions In Each Grade — Can You Pass Through Grade 12?

9. The Stay-At-Home Outfits You Choose Can Reveal Your Age

10. Only A "Harry Potter" Expert Can Make It To Level 20 On This Never-Ending Quiz

11. How Many Of These Unpopular Opinions Do You Agree With?

12. Answer These 12 Questions And We'll Tell You Your "Smart Type"

14. Sorry Millennials, There’s No Way You’ll Be Able To Pass This Disney Quiz

15. There Are 46 European Countries And I'll Be Impressed If You Can Find 10 Of Them

16. Only A Big Movie Buff Has Seen At Least Half Of These Iconic '90s Movies

17. For These 14 TV Characters With The Same First Name, Who Do You Instantly Think Of?

18. You Can Only Pick One Movie For Every Genre And I Apologize In Advance For How Hard These Decisions Will Be

19. Here Are 14 More Common Names, So Let's Decide Once And For All How They Should Be Spelled