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Women Shared 16 Dating Dealbreakers That Ended Their Crushes — Would They End Yours?

"I flipped so quickly from being insanely attracted to completely repulsed by them."

This week, Redditor u/Defiant-Struggle6157 asked, "Ladies, what made you lose interest to your crush and why?" Because I love drama, I read through the replies — which generally ranged from "Okay, that's suspicious" to "🚩MAJOR RED FLAG, BESTIE 🚩."

I got to thinking what I would do in these situations, and now I'm curious. So, let's play a game, shall we? Consider you're, like, very much crushing on someone right now, and each of these following scenarios happens to you and that special someone. Would they give you the ick and change how you feel about them, or would you probably still have a crush?

1. "We had a really bad first kiss. I'd been crushing on this guy for a year at least, and FINALLY it happened. It's still one of the worst kisses of my life."

"I've never before or since flipped so quickly from being insanely attracted to someone to completely repulsed by them."


2. "They played hot and cold, and kept making me think they weren't into me."

3. "I actually heard them talk for a long period of time. I completely zoned out because it was so boring. Sometimes, we project mystery where there is none."


4. "He wrote 'their' instead of 'they’re' on a Facebook status."

5. "He followed IG models and OnlyFans girls on social media."


"Following OF accounts is for fellas who want to remain single. If you’re not single, it’s disrespectful to your partner. I would walk away from my long-term relationship if my guy did that. Just the idea of him giving a girl money for nudes would make me gag."


6. "I went to his house and saw how dirty it was. His personal hygiene was really lacking, too. That was it. How can you think of kissing someone who may not brush their teeth and doesn’t mind their B.O.? *shudder*"

A kitchen sink overflowing with dirty dishes

7. "He told me he didn't date girls who seem too smart. Literally, 'If you'd stop getting good grades and answering questions in class, I'd go out with you.'"

"Yeah, no thanks, bro. Hard pass."


8. "He got a haircut, and I didn’t like it."

A woman telling another woman, "Hair is everything."

9. "I sent me a dick pic. I cannot stand when guys send dick pics — I get nothing from them. In fact, I actually feel offended when I get one. Frankly, it catches me off guard, and not in a good way."


10. "He smacks his lips when he eats."

11. "He treated me like his girlfriend even though we weren't dating. He wanted the perks, but not the commitment."

Suggested by: u/GhostlySocks

"We were close friends, then friends with benefits, and I had it bad for him. He knew this and freely got what he could, while he could, while telling me about other women he's sleeping with (despite me asking to just not mention the other women). He did all this while also sending me very intimate/sweet messages."


12. "He implied that I got a great job offer because of my looks rather than my skills and 15 years of experience."

13. "He got excessively angry about a football loss. That night I dreamt he called me a stupid bitch, and I knew it was time to end it."


14. "He took too long to reply to messages."

A text message saying, "Hello?"

15. "I hate competition, so when he showed any interest in another girl, I backed off right away."


16. "He was super uncomfortable hearing about periods."

A to go back with tampons and pads

Have you experienced a scenario like these that totally turned you off of someone you were into? If so, tell us about it in the comments below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.