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What Are Your Unpopular Marvel Movie Opinions?

This is crucial information, y'all.

Hello, friends! It's me, your friendly neighborhood Marvel fan. I have a veeeeery important question for YOU.

I gotta know: What are your unpopular MCU opinions?

Is there something about a Marvel movie or character that drives you absolutely nuts? Is there one movie everyone loves and you just can't stand? Gimmie all your hot takes.

Okay fine, I'll start. Despite being a certified Captain America and Peggy Carter Stan™️, I hated Peggy being dragged back into Endgame as Steve's ~love interest~ despite her literally moving on from him in her own TV series.

Maybe you're not a fan of Peter Quill's signature sass, so his arrogance totally put you off of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Or maybe you're not the biggest Tom Holland fan, and think Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire were the perfect Spidey.

Perhaps you have a lot of issues with Natasha's death in Endgame, and think Clint should've taken the fall on Vormir instead.

Whatever it is, I wanna hear it! Tell us your unpopular MCU opinions in the DropBox below and if your take is especially juicy, it might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!