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    "SNL" Did A Parody Of "Cheer" And They Totally Went Full-Out

    "Nothing is broken, but nothing is connected" should honestly be Cheer's tagline.

    I love Cheer. You love Cheer. And apparently the good folks over at SNL love it too, because they gave us a hilarious Cheer sketch with Adam Driver this weekend that I literally haven't stopped thinking about.


    Adam Driver + Cheer collab, anyone?

    Allow me to set the scene. Daytona is two days away and — surprise, surprise! — basically everyone is injured. So y'know, a typical episode of Cheer.



    This time, the severity of injuries seems to be on a scale between "I twisted my ankle" and "My actual body is stuck in the ceiling, please call 911."


    "Nothing is broken, but nothing is connected" should honestly be the tagline of the show.

    The SNL crew poked fun at some of our favorite Navarro cheerleaders, like Lexi...or, uh...Desi.


    They gave a shoutout to the icon that is Gabi Butler.


    They joked about the constant will-he-won't-he of literal human angel, Jerry Harris making it on mat at Daytona.


    Name a more wholesome person, I'll wait.

    They even poked a bit of fun at Alex's motivational speech the night before Nationals. You know, the one inspired by the quote he saw at Bubba Gump.


    Never change, y'all.

    We got a special appearance by musical guest Halsey who finally unstuck herself from the ceiling and kicked butt with her cheer skills:


    And finally, the SNL crew tried their hands at a chant as wild and iconic as Navarro's.


    It doesn't slap as hard as Navarro's chant, though.

    So like...can we get the Navarro girls to make an appearance on SNL, please? I need more! But in the meantime, you can watch the whole sketch for yourself here.

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