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I Feel Like I Wasn't Supposed To See These 25 Photos, But I'm Gonna Show 'Em To You Juuuust In Case They Mysteriously Disappear

I'm gonna be checking the bubbles in my drink for a secret message for the rest of my life, TBH.

1. This carton of (now boiled) eggs where every?? single?? one?? had a double yolk:

Boiled eggs

2. This cat who is supposedly* chilling on top of the closet, but looks like a (very friendly) floating head:

A cat peaking from the top of a closet

3. This microwave with a "chaos" button that I am both deeply tempted and deeply terrified of pressing:

Chaos button on a microwave

4. This apple with a birthmark of a smaller apple on its skin:

An apple mark on an apple

5. The way the bubbles at the bottom of this glass of water look like they're spelling out some secret message to tell you that you are, in fact, the chosen one:

Bubbles in a glass

6. This urinal fruit salad that feels completely and entirely cursed:

Fruit in a urinal

7. This building that looks like it's fading into the sky:

A building with the top covered in fog

8. This view from the car mirror (which, to be clear, is OUTSIDE) that would absolutely make me do a triple take:

Rearview mirror showing a patio

9. This photo that is apparently not of a half-dog/half-human serving some major side eye on the bus:

Closeup of a dog

10. This "snow" globe that looks more like a "global climate disaster" globe:

An orange snow globe

11. This cloud that looks like Lady Gaga's hat from the Joanne album cover flew right off her head and into the heavens:

A cloud shaped like a hat

12. This impending alien invasion...I mean, reflection in the window:

Rings in the sky

13. This slanted drawer that is so wrong, it's making my skin crawl:

A slanted drawer

14. This clean? beautiful? delightful? Port-a-Potty that feels like it belongs in an alternate dimension, because I've sure as heck never seen one half as nice as this one:

A nice Port-a-Potty

15. This never-before-seen satellite image from NASA that's actually just a rainy window with a streetlight that sent me into a small existential crisis:

Stars in the sky

16. The way this building looks like it's falling apart in a video game:

A strangely built building

17. This plain, four-patty hamburger that is absolutely and undeniably a cursed meal:

A large burger

18. This photo of an abandoned Charles Entertainment Cheese animatronic that I can only assume was taken in Hell:

An abandoned Chuck E. Cheese

19. The "don't care" button on this machine that I actually think should be on all machines and phones, TBH:

A button saying "Don't Care"
Closeup of the "Don't Care" button

20. This subtle Glad cling wrap name change that I'm fairly certain is gonna be an example of the Mandela effect in a YouTube video in, like, 10 years:

Glad "cling'nseal"

21. This house on wheels that kinda feels like it's defying some kind of scientific laws, right??:

A house on wheels

22. This singular box of Froot Loops cereal bars where Toucan Sam doesn't have a rainbow beak like on the rest of them:

Toucan Sam without a rainbow on his nose
Toucan Sam without a rainbow on his nose

23. This claw machine filled with "teddy bears" (sorry, you can't tell me that's not fried chicken):

Teddy bears that look like fried chicken

24. This sad face tire that I'm convinced is gonna be the next protagonist of a Pixar movie:

Sad faces on a tire

25. And last but certainly not least, this downright ominous photo of an empty ski lift that looks like the opening shot of an apocalyptic horror movie:

Ski lifts surrounded by fog

If you enjoyed these vaguely cursed pictures, you can see more of 'em here and here. h/t r/mildlyinteresting, r/oddlyterrifying, and r/confusing_perspective