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20 Things That — To Be Completely Honest — I Feel Like I Wasn't Supposed To See

Yeah, I'm gonna be thinking about some of these for a whiiiiiile. 👀

1. This 11 of diamonds playing card that shouldn't exist...but does:

2. This tall building that's being put together top-first, which I guess is allowed, but does not sit right with me:

3. This HORIZONTALLY SLICED BREAD that speaks for itself, TBH:

4. This massive Babybel cheese that must've come from a land of giants*:

*Apparently, the land of giants is France? Who knew.

5. This super thin-looking building that kinda feels like something that didn't fully load in a video game:

6. This random road that you genuinely cannot convince me isn't just the IRL version of Rainbow Road:

7. This park bench from the future that's dedicated to someone who died on a day that hasn't happened yet:

If you're having trouble reading it, here's a close up for you:

September 7th, 1954 – December 6th, 2022

8. This inverted apple that's red on the inside and yellow-ish on the outside, instead of the other way around:

9. This very normal, very casual, super traditional pumpkin pie that's made up of pumpkin (duh), sugar (classic), eggs (checks out) and...finger??????:

10. This sign's shadow that, uh, seems to have a bit of a typo:

11. This photo of two people shocking each other that makes be both a) spooked and b) want to shuffle around my carpet and shock all my friends:

12. This vapor bubble trapped inside a crystal that, TBH, makes it look like a rain drop you can hold:

13. This "cloud" that looks like the not-so-distant relative of Jean Jacket from Nope:

14. This garlic that turned blue in the oven and would immediately have me questioning whether it came from an alien planet and not, in fact, my local Trader Joe's:

15. This army of food delivery bots that are harmless now, but kinda feel like they're foreshadowing a robot invasion:

16. This man in disguise who is either a) a history student reading a very old newspaper or b) a time traveler who is trying to blend in, but isn't doing a very good job:

17. This albino ladybug (WITH LITTLE HEART SPOTS) that looks like it crawled straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie:

18. This sky-jellyfish situation that looks like a space alien coming to eat us, but is actually a phenomena called "sprites:"

Here's another look at some red sprites above a thunderstorm in Italy:

arrows pointing the red lightening int the sky

19. And finally, this picture that's completely chill and casual and not at all strange so long as you do not look at the reflection in the mirror:

It's absolutely the same scene as is on the TV screen, right? Nothing weird here, right???

Do you have a strange, glitch-in-the-matrix-like photo like these? If so, you can share them in the comments below!

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