The "Loki" Season 1 Cast Is Hilarious, And Here Are 17 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures To Prove It

    If my birthday cake isn't an Alligator Loki cake, I don't want it.

    Hellooooo, Marvel fans! If you're anything like me, you're probably more than a little bummed that Season 1 of Loki has officially come to an end.

    While we have a little ways to go before Season 2, the wonderful cast has left us with some *chef's kiss* behind-the-scenes pictures to tide us over until then. Without further ado, please enjoy these ~glorious~ cast pics:


    Back in 2019 I was the very first person to have an #AlligatorLoki birthday cake (but def not the last)

    Twitter: @michaelwaldron

    Here's to (very impatiently) waiting to see their MCU return!