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    16 “Loki” Cast Facts For Anyone Who Loves The Entire Cast

    Tom Hiddleston showed up at Owen Wilson's house one night to talk about Loki.

    1. When first auditioning for the MCU, Tom Hiddleston originally went out for Thor, but obviously was cast as Loki instead.

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    Tom told Jimmy Fallon that he never actually auditioned for the part of Loki. Thor director  Kenneth Branagh felt that Tom's charm and flexibility as an actor would make him a much better fit for the character of Loki.

    2. Before Loki ever happened, Owen and Tom acted together in the 2011 movie Midnight in Paris. Owen played the main character Gil, and Tom played F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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    3. Tom Hiddleston, Wunmi Mosaku, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw actually all attended the same acting school, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and graduated within a few years of each other.


    Gugu graduated in 2004, Tom in 2005, and Wunmi in 2007.

    4. Before being cast in the series, Owen Wilson had very limited knowledge and interest in the MCU.

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    He actually compared Marvel to Pixar, in that "everything that they seem to release seemed to connect." 

    5. And since Mobius is an expert on Loki, Tom sat down with Owen on set and took him through the "whole MCU mythology and Loki." Some of their conversations even worked their way into the series.

    Marvel Studios / Courtesy of Marvel Studios

    They'd call it the "Loki lectures." :')

    6. In fact, Tom even visited Owen one night at home and continued his Loki lecture until about midnight.

    Disney+ / Marvel Studios

    Owen told Jimmy Kimmel, "I guess he felt that maybe I hadn't paid as much attention as I should've that day."

    7. Wunmi didn't have the luxury of listening to a Loki lecture, but she did get a whole oral history of the MCU from Kate Herron, the show's executive producer and director.

    8. Tom Hiddleston didn't know about Loki until the spring of 2018, just a few weeks before Avengers: Infinity War hit movie theaters.

    Marvel Studios / Courtesy of Marvel Studios

    And if you remember correctly, Loki dies very early on in the movie. Tom said, "I probably should not have been surprised, but I was. Only because Infinity War had felt so final."

    9. When Wunmi Mosaku first auditioned for Loki, she had no idea which project she was actually auditioning for.

    Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

    She told Decider, "I had just wrapped on Lovecraft Country, went home and did auditions for the next year, and I was sent a script — not a script, some scenes for an untitled project. I had no idea what I was auditioning for. Generally, with those kinds of things, you take it seriously because if anyone’s being top secret, it’s likely to be something big. And so I sent off my audition, which was a self-tape, and then I was home in the UK at my mom’s house and I got a call from my agent in the middle of the night saying I’d been offered Loki, and I was like, 'When did I audition for Loki?' I was so excited but couldn’t tell anyone."

    10. Gugu Mbatha-Raw actually auditioned for Marvel a few times before landing the role of Ravonna Renslayer.

    11. Gugu also tried to catch up and watch all the Marvel movies she hadn't seen before she started filming.

    Disney+ / Marvel Studios

    But she luckily had the freedom of knowing that Loki is kind of an origin story for her character, Ravonna Renslayer. 

    12. Since the series was shot during the pandemic, the actors' schedules were very tight, but Tom insisted he was on set with the "day-players" (actors hired on a daily basis) just to read lines to them from off screen.

    Disney+ / Marvel Studios

    Kate Harron said, "I remember one day, we had quite a few of our actors coming in as day-players. It was really important for him to be there for them, to read lines off screen. He would have to be 50 places at once because he is the lead actor. The most amazing thing about him was his generosity. Not just to the other actors, but also to the crew, to be filming in a time like COVID."

    13. During Episode 1, where Loki tries to use his magic in the courtroom but can't, Wunmi and Gugu would catch each other's eyes and try not to laugh and break character.

    Disney+ / Marvel Studios

    14. Mobius's gray crewcut was actually suggested by Owen Wilson after he wore a similar hairstyle for the series Documentary Now.

    Disney+ / Marvel Studios

    15. Director Kate Herron had an "intense, five-hour conversation" about Loki with Tom Hiddleston the first time she ever met him.

    16. Finally, Marvel hasn't confirmed a second season of Loki, but Tom is open to continue playing Loki in the future.

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