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May 1, 2020

18 Dogs Who Haven’t Let Quarantine Stop Them From Being Utterly Ridiculous

The only Zoom these guys know is getting the zoomies!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the wacky things their dogs have been up to during quarantine and they certainly did not disappoint! Here are 18 adorable pupperoos who are living their best lives:

1. This adorable little dude who spent quarantine doing some light reading and catching up on z's in his human's bed:

2. This fashionable pup who refused to let quarantine stop him from serving stunning lewks like this one:

3. This fluffy boy who refused to let quarantine stop him from making new friends:

"Benson is missing his friends at the park so I had to make him a new friend." —kirstyo46d0e4d91

4. This adorable floofer who was ready to help their human out with a quarantine makeover:

5. This doggo who took over her human's spot the second they get out of bed and does not feel bad about it at all:

Day after day of working from home, I turn around and this is Sophie’s go-to pose. “Nothin’ to see here, move along!” —sophieboxador

6. This good boi who saved up his allowance money to order some extra treats to munch on:

7. This doggo who didn't let quarantine stop him from partying hard while still social distancing:

"We made a fake club in the garage for my little brother’s 21st birthday. My sister’s dog, Figaro, wore a party hat and perfectly played the part of the sleepy and sloppy club goer." —terril42eb1f7e2

8. This pupper who — like basically everyone else spending quarantine with their siblings — served some major side eye:

9. This pupper who officially reached the maximum possible amount of belly rubs and had to nap for the rest of the day to recover:

10. This floofy little dude who made sure his human remembers to take much-needed breaks from work...and give him lots and lots of pets while she's at it:

11. This cozy boi who was ready for cuddles and even brought his favorite blankie to share:

12. This pup who sat back and relaxed after a ruff day at work with a glass of rosé:

13. This good boy who used his puppy dog eyes to convince his mama to ditch her math homework and play with him instead:

14. This sleepy boi who was absolutely pooped after a day chock full of eating snacks and playing fetch:

15. These puppy pals who didn't let quarantine stop them from having an amazing Easter egg hunt:


Tag yourself, I'm the second dog casually hogging all the eggs.

16. This fluffy boi who was SO SO SO SO excited to (safely!) spend some time outside in her backyard:

17. This dog who bonded with their favorite human over a mutual love of snacks and blankets:

18. And finally, this adorable doggo who made the most of quarantine by bringing a little bit of the outdoors back home with them:

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