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Show Us The Silly Things Your Dogs Have Been Doing During Quarantine

Is there such a thing as getting too many belly rubs?

It's safe to say our lives have been a little different since quarantine began, but some "people" have definitely learned to make the most of it. And by "people," I of course mean dogs.

It sounds like a dream come true for these floofy bois to have their favorite humans around all the time! But I wanna know — how have your dogs actually been handling quarantine?

Has your doggo been so excited with the extra attention that they stir up all kinds of trouble, just like this cutie?

Perhaps your pup is enjoying every opportunity to safely be outside just as much as you are, like this good boi having the time of his life in this kiddie pool.

Or maybe your little floofer is sooooo over it that they came up with some ~creative~ ways to find peace and quiet, like this pup.

Well, I wanna see the wacky things your puppers have been doing during quarantine! In the DropBox below, show us a picture and tell us about the weird things your dogs have been up to. It just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post, too!