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I Bet You Can't Decorate This Entire Dorm Room For Under $300 — Can You?

✨Aesthetic✨, but make it on a budget.

Hey, welcome to your new dorm room! Take a look around and get acquainted with the space while I explain how this is gonna work:

An empty dorm room with one bed, one desk, and a window
Mod Quaint / Getty Images

This quiz measures exactly how expensive your dream dorm will be using the actual prices of these items at the time of publishing. Your job is to create the perfect dorm room for under $300.

There are five questions in total and don't worry if you can't see all the questions at once. They will appear one at a time."

The final 3 questions will allow you to pick as many (or as few!) items as possible. Once you've made your selections, press "done choosing" to move on to the next question. If you don't like what you see, press the same button to skip ahead. Ok, let's do this!

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