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Fake Lashes Are Cringey, And 11 Other Controversial Fashion Trend Opinions I Want Your Opinion On

Please, enough of those teeny tiny purses!

We may only be a couple of years into the 2020s, but it's already proving to be quite an interesting, controversial time for fashion.

That being said, u/ElBee288 decided to ~stir the pot~ and ask the people of Reddit, "What is a recent fashion trend that you can't stand?" Naturally, people had lots of opinions. Here are 12 of the most popular ones — do you agree or disagree?

1. "Those microscopic luxury bags that can't even fit a phone in them."

2. "Inch-long fake eyelashes"

A tray of fake lashes

3. "Mullets"

4. "Cut outs in every dress"

5. "Fila shoes"

White, chunky FIla sneakers

6. "The 'eboy curtain cut' hairstyle"

7. "Super overpriced clothes with holes in them."

A distressed t-shirt with rips and holes

8. "Biker shorts with heels and a blazer."

Mandy Bork is seen wearing Nike shorts, lilac blazer Topshop, Fenid bag, Amina Muaddi shoes, Zara bra

9. "Dried out, untrimmed, long beards."

A long, dry beard

10. "Lip injections"

A woman with enhanced lips, touching them with her hand

11. "Things that are only cool because they have a big logo."

A girl wearing a crop top, shorts, and a Gucci belt

12. And finally, "Cropped tops that look like normal length tops in store."

Teen girls in cropped shirts

Did we miss any controversial 2020s fashion trends? If so, call them out in the comments below!