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17 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Quizzes To Take While You Wait For The Next Season


F. Scott Schafer / NBC/BuzzFeed
ATTENTION: This is NOT a quiz. It's a collection of some of our very best quizzes, carefully curated for your enjoyment.

2. Can You Pass This Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trivia Quiz?

Question: When Jake sends Captain Holt an email, what did he accidentally leave as his signature?

How much do you really know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Test your knowledge here.

5. Everyone's A Combo Of A Brooklyn Nine-Nine Actor And Character — Here's Yours

Terry Crews and Rosa
Getty Images / NBC

It's the best of both worlds, baby! Are you more of a Melissa Fumero/Jake Peralta or Andy Samberg/Charles Boyle combo? Find out here.

6. Only A Die Hard Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fan Can Finish This Quiz

Poll: Would you save Jake and Amy or Holt and Kevin if you could only save one couple?
BuzzFeed / NBC

This "would you rather" quiz is pretty impossible for Brooklyn Nine-Nine superfans, tbh. Can you do it? Give it a go here.

7. Work At The 99th Precinct For A Day And We'll Tell You Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character You Are

Jake smiling and Rosa looking annoyed

How would you spend a day working at the 99th precinct? Take the quiz here.

8. If You Can Solve These Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brain Teasers, You're An Honorary Detective

A nickel plus the letters A and J
BuzzFeed / Getty Images

Are you a super sleuth worthy of working at the Nine-Nine? Prove yourself by solving these Brooklyn Nine-Nine–themed brain teasers.

9. Which Friends And Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters Are You A Combo Of?

Chandler Bing and Jake Peralta

Are you a Chandler/Jake or more of a Phoebe/Rosa? Take the quiz here to find out!

10. Can You Guess Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character Said It?

Who said it? "If I die, turn my tweets into a book!"

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is full of iconic quotes, but do you remember who said them? Take the quiz here.

11. Only A Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween Heist Fan Will Score A 15/15 On This Quiz

Holt, Jake, Amy, And Rosa in the Halloween Heist episodes

Are you the ultimate human/genius when it comes to Halloween Heist trivia? Find out for yourself here.

12. This Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz Will Reveal What % Jake, Amy, Holt, And Rosa You Really Are

25% Jake, Amy, Holt, and Rosa
NBC / BuzzFeed

Are you just a little like Jake or A LOT like Jake? You can take the quiz here to find out.

13. If You Can Identify These Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters By The Extreme Close-Ups, You're The Ultimate Human/Genius

A close up of someone's smile asking "Do you know whose smile this is?"
NBC / BuzzFeed

You've stared at them on a TV screen for seven seasons, but have you really paid attention to what the cast looks like? Test your attention to detail with this quiz.

14. Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine And Parks And Rec Characters Are You A Combo Of?

Rosa Diaz and April Ludgate

Calling all Parks and Rec fans! Are you a Rosa/April or more of a Leslie/Amy? Find out here.

15. Only True Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fans Can Ace This General Knowledge Quiz

Question: What is Jake's favorite movie?

Warning: This trivia quiz is NOT for casual viewers. Put your Nine-Nine knowledge to the test here.

16. This Brooklyn Nine-Nine Alphabet Quiz Will Reveal Which Underrated Character You Are

Amy Santiago and an underrated character

Obsessed with all things Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Pick one thing for every letter of the alphabet and we'll tell you which of these underrated characters you're most like. Take the quiz here.

17. Everyone Is A Perfect Trifecta Of A Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks And Rec, And The Good Place Character — Here's Yours

Amy Santiago, Leslie Knope, and Janet

Are you a fan of Parks and Rec, The Good Place, AND Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Well, do we have a treat for you! Take the quiz here.

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