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    21 Mouthwatering Video Game Foods In Real Life

    Watching your characters eat food is the best part of video games. Now Gourmet Gaming lets you experience the virtual glory FOR REAL.

    1. Minecraft Pumpkin Pie

    2. Legend of Zelda (The Wind Waker) Elixir Soup

    3. Pokémon Lava Cookie

    4. The Sims Key Lime Pie

    5. League of Legends Health Potions

    6. Portal Cake

    7. Yoshi's Cookie Cookies

    8. The Sims 2 Love Potion

    9. Final Fantasy XI Moogle Pie

    10. Legend of Zelda (Twilight Princess) Yeto's Soup

    11. Dragon Age Found Cake

    12. Legend of Grimrock Blueberry Pie

    13. Kingdom Hearts Spark Lemon

    14. Paper Mario Koopasta

    15. Diablo Health Potion

    16. Skyrim Mead, Leeks, and Elsweyr Fondue

    17. The Sims Goopy Carbonara

    18. Sonic The Hedgehog Chili Dog

    19. World of Warcraft Winter Veil Cookies

    20. Minecraft Cake

    21. Costume Quest Pizza Sundae