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    20 Marijuana Recipes That Coloradoans And Washingtonians Need To Try

    'Herb' every meal of the day! Remember: These are for residents of Colorado and Washington only.

    1. The first step to any medible is to make Cannabutter.

    2. Now you're ready to step into a realm of tastebud ecstasy. Here we go!

    3. Wake 'n' bake with Strawberry Banana Pot Pancakes.

    4. Perhaps you'd prefer Baked French Toast?

    5. Cream your coffee with Lon Lon Milk.

    6. Now, enjoy your coffee with Cannabutter Coffee Cake!

    7. Snack time! Medicated Muddy Buddies are crunchy, salty, sweet perfection.

    8. Start off your lunch with Delightfully Dosed Butternut Squash Soup.

    9. Next: Ganja Jerk Chicken.

    10. How about some Pot-Infused Pesto Pasta?

    11. Don't forget your side of Mashed Pot-atoes.

    12. Experience Jerome Chang's Pot Brownies for dessert.

    13. Snack time again! Cannabis Caramels.

    14. Time to dip into some Ganja Guac.

    15. ...followed by Toked Tacos for dinner!

    16. Dessert: Red Velvet Cannabis Cupcakes.

    17. Magical Magic Bars are a mandatory second dessert.

    18. Late night bowl of Weed White Cheddar Mac 'n' Cheese!

    19. Savor one last munch with Mini Pecan Pot Tarts.

    20. And say goodnight with a hearty cup of Pot Cocoa.