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Ava Coleman Is The Shining Star Of "Abbott Elementary" And These 14 Moments Prove It

Principal Ava Coleman is a hot mess and she's kind of perfect that way.

Every successful sitcom has a standout star. Abbott Elementary has such a dynamite cast that it's hard to say who truly steals the show.

ABCs Abbott Elementary stars Chris Perfetti as Jacob, Quinta Brunson as Janine, Lisa Ann Walter as Melissa, Sheryl Lee Ralph as Barbara, William Stanford Davis as Mr. Johnson, Tyler James Williams as Gregory, and Janelle James as Ava

Then again, if you're really paying attention, you know exactly who steals the show: Principal Ava Coleman.

Ava stands in a tight dress smiling at Gregory, while covering Janine's class in "Abbott Elementary"

Janelle James has expertly crafted a character who is bad without being a bad guy. It's tough to make a character have disagreeable or unlikable qualities without alienating an audience, but the writers help James make Coleman just that.

Ava Coleman posing in front of her photo on the abbott elementary sign

Ava Coleman is unapologetically self-centered, but still shows a low-key caring side when it comes to the plights of her teachers. And while she may not be the one to outwardly extend herself, she does manage to make things happen with a pointed comment or behind-the-scenes move.


Need we say more? AbbottElementary AvaColeman

♬ original sound - Abbott Elementary

Should you have any doubts, check out this list of some of Ava's greatest moments on Abbott Elementary so far:

1. Ava knew it was "every tasty-ass woman for herself" in a zombie apocalypse.

"....let me back my tasty ass up." LOL! #AbbottElementary

ABC / Via Twitter: @ACinPhilly

2. Ava loves to remind folks that she has LIVED while still leaving an air of mystery, like when she casually mentioned having dated Allen Iverson.

Janelle James smiling as Ava Coleman in "Abbott Elementary"

3. Or the time she just showed up with Andre Iguodala and delivered the iconic line, "Well, he's been dating me for five years, but I've only been dating him for two."

Ava telling Janine "well, he's been dating me for five years, but I've only been dating him for two"

4. She doesn't offer apologies for her influencer hustle — she expects praise.

Ava on the mic on "Abbott Elementary"

5. When Ava popped Janine's work family bubble and let her know, "Girl, this isn't a sorority."

6. Ava may be fabulous, but algorithms still frustrate her.

ABCs Abbott Elementary stars Janelle James as Ava

7. Ava's never afraid to own up to her mistakes and makes no excuses.

8. She genuinely shows she cares about the kids, even when handling things her way.

9. Ava let us know she's that girl when she told us about her summer plans.

10. She's never afraid to coin a new term, like when she called Jacob's nightmare scenario "Ava-a-vu."


Another day, another Ava Coleman side hustle. 😂 Watch #AbbottElementary now – Stream on Hulu!

♬ original sound - Abbott Elementary - Abbott Elementary

11. Seeing how Gregory genuinely doesn't know how to process all that Ava is, from her job to her endless flirtations is always entertaining.

Ava Coleman exchnaging a look with Gregory Eddie on "Abbott Elementary"

12. Ava was even gracious when Janine finally realized there's ~something~ between her and Gregory when she could have given her a hard time.

Janine and Ava talking "Abbott Elementary"

13. When Ava said, "I am one minor inconvenience from putting this whole day in rice," I truly felt that.

Principal Ava Coleman

14. And lastly, I wouldn't be doing an ode to Ava justice if I didn't mention how her legendary one-liners can shut something down QUICK.

Ava Coleman saying "Just because you got a round face like the Teletubbies Sun Baby doesn't mean the world revolves around you"

What's your favorite Ava moment? Dish in the comments!

And be sure to watch Abbott Elementary every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on ABC, or Thursdays on Hulu.