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    Updated on Nov 6, 2018. Posted on May 8, 2017

    17 Photos That Prove We All Do And Think The Same Weird Shit

    We're all pretty much the same person when it comes to weird little habits.

    1. We all silently judge the car behind us that runs the red:

    2. We all think of forklifts:

    3. We all shudder when we get a test back like this:

    4. We all do this, as if it'll help:

    5. Our parents all take our phones from us when they look at a pic:

    6. We all love this about Kermit:

    7. We all do the quick little pause/play:

    8. We all wonder WTF they're talking about with this kind of question:

    9. We all pretend to be interested in in frozen lima beans for a minute:

    10. We've all heard this sound a hundred times:

    11. We all do this and maybe give a little wave:

    12. We all get weirdly self-conscious about our capitalization:

    13. We've all thought this at least once:

    14. We've all gone into a panic over this:

    15. We've all drawn this blank:

    16. We've all played this lie:

    17. And finally, we all know where home is:

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