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    Get Ready For Measured Dick Pics Thanks To The New iPhone Update

    You can measure anything, right now, with just your phone! (Yes, even that!)

    You probably already know that Apple announced some new iPhones last week.


    There's the iPhone XR, Xs, and Xs Max, plus a new line of Apple watches.

    But there's also a brand-new update to iOS out now as well, and it includes an app that's been a long time coming...the Measure app.

    don’t mind me, just using ios 12’s new “measure” app to measure my cat

    If you're anything like me, you never have a tape measure when you need it. Like, you go to Ikea, and you want to buy a desk or something, but you have no idea how long or tall it is.

    Loving the new ‘Measure’ app in iOS 12. Rulers are so last century! #iOS12

    Well, with new augmented reality (AR) features, you can now point your phone at an object and use the Measure app to see what size it is.

    People are kind of loving it.

    I’m genuinely only updating to iOS 12 to measure people’s height

    And apparently it really works! No more having to carry around a tape measure. Combine it with the level in the Compass app, and you have both tools you need all the time in your house but never seem to have handy.

    The Measure app in iOS 12 is just so accurate. Tried it on a ruler and it works like a charm.

    Of course, people are already predicting how this will change the dick pic game...

    The iPhone update’s Measure app begins the Renaissance era of dick pics #iOS12

    ...But there are other uses, too.

    I love the new measure feature on the iPhone because now I can virtually summon demons

    To use the app, you'll first have to update to iOS 12. If you haven't yet, go into Settings ➡ General ➡ Software Update and download and install iOS 12. After that, the app should appear along with lots of other features.

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

    Point your phone at an object, tap to add some points, and you'll find out a lot of stuff, like how long your dog is. Get to measuring!

    Andy Golder / BuzzFeed

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