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27 Tumblr Posts That Are Too True For Words

"Every time I think of the black market, I actually imagine a market with little stalls selling illegal things like nuclear weapons and organs."

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1. That time you realized you never clean your laptop screen.

2. When you realized you should probably change your old email address.

3. When you try to sing a duet.

4. This way you definitely picture the black market.

5. That moment of panic in class.

6. That realization that you now say "bae" in all sincerity.

7. That time you made an ass of yourself in public.

8. Every time you procrastinate like a pro.

9. That time the decision was made for you.

10. Whenever you listen to a band from another country.

11. That time you couldn't stop coughing.

12. That moment when someone wants to ask you something important.

13. That moment at the sink.

14. Every time you have to write an important email.

15. That moment when you relate to an inanimate object.

16. That feeling when you know shit's about to go down on your show.

17. Any time you accidentally get a front-facing camera.

18. That moment when you're sad and then you feel better but then there's a wave of regret over the past.

19. That thing we've all done to Google.

20. That time you screwed it up anyway.

21. That sound you can practically hear in your head right now.

22. When you realized adulthood is a lie.

23. This fear you didn't know you had but totally do.

24. All those times you procrastinated but were actually super productive.

25. That feeling when you hear "We need to talk."

26. That teacher face we've all seen.

27. And finally, this barrage of moments when you were pretty sure it was the end for you.

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