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26 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Worry For The Future Of Mankind

Somebody please take the internet away from these people.

1. Barry.

2. This person.

3. This appliance enthusiast.

4. This baker.

5. Any of the people who googled these things.

6. This Florida man.

7. The person who made this.

8. This cat.

9. "Anal Sneeze Boy."

10. This person.

11. This potential thief.

12. Will Hodgson.

13. The person who made this medal.

14. The person who was bored enough to do this.

15. This expert phone user.

16. And this iPod owner.

17. The person who made this lyric video.

18. This meme adapter.

19. This medical experimenter.

20. This expert in phone etiquette.

21. This person.

22. This philosopher.

23. This prankster.

24. The person who tried to decipher this visual pun.

25. This impulsive person.

26. And finally, the disturbed individual who made this video.