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    16 Jokes About 2016 That Are Both Hilarious And Sad


    1. 2016 has us all wondering if the end is nigh.

    2. Like, was 2012 just four years too early?

    3. LOL but also yes.

    4. ROFL but seriously what is happening.

    5. This will actually be me in 27 years:

    6. And the CLOWNS.

    7. Seriously, clowns?

    8. This year has taken away everything good...

    9. ...and replaced it with shit like this:

    10. I mean, what's going on?

    11. What IS this madness??

    12. Like, are we living in an Onion article?

    13. Is it just a fever dream from Charlie or Frank?

    14. In either case, this is definitely true:

    15. And at least your 2016 isn't like this guy's 2016:

    16. Because there's still a decent chunk of it left.

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