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    11 Fun Facts That'll Teach You Something New This Week

    Ever seen a raven talk like a parrot? You're about to.

    1. You probably know about déjà vu, the feeling that you've experienced something before. But if you have a feeling you've experienced something before, but only in a dream, there's another term for that: déjà rêvé (day-jah reh-vay).

    Catherine Delahaye / Getty Images

    So if you've ever felt like, "Wait, I swear I had a dream about this exact thing happening," that's déjà rêvé.

    2. During Prohibition, moonshiners and other bootleggers would wear "cow shoes" that would leave an imprint that looked like hooves. The idea was to make it harder for police to track their movements through footprints.

    These are the shoes some prohibition moonshiners would wear. Officers believe the inventor got his idea from a Sherlock Holmes story in which the villain outfitted his horse with shoes that disguised its imprints as those of a cow's hooves.

    3. There's a Japanese word for when you keep buying books but you don't get around to reading them: tsundoku.

    Gso Images / Getty Images

    The term is found in print as early as 1879, which goes to show you that some things never change.

    4. Ravens can talk as well as — or even better than — parrots.

    5. Justin Timberlake's mom was Ryan Gosling's legal guardian for a while.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Gosling is Canadian, and his parents often had to stay in Canada while he was filming Mickey Mouse Club as a kid. Gosling needed a legal guardian on set, so Timberlake's mother stepped up and took on the role. Gosling and Timberlake even lived together for a bit.

    6. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Arthur Weasley enters the code 6-2-4-4-2 in the phone booth to enter the Ministry of Magic. On a phone keypad, that code spells out "MAGIC."

    Warner Bros.

    You'd think the Ministry would have a more secure password.

    7. You've seen more of the surface of the moon — in person, with your own eyes — than you have of the Earth.

    John Elk Iii / Getty Images

    Unless you're an astronaut who has been in deep orbit, in which case I stand corrected.

    8. Michelle Obama has more Grammy awards than Katy Perry.

    The White House / Getty Images, Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    Michelle Obama won at the 2019 Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word Album for her memoir, Becoming. Katy Perry has been nominated many times but has not yet won a Grammy.

    9. The Michelin Star system for restaurants was created by the Michelin tire company.

    Yoshikazu Tsuno / Getty Images

    If you've ever thought, "It's so weird how that restaurant rating system and that tire company have the same name," it's because they're the same company! Michelin created the rating system to encourage people to drive further to eat at great restaurants, thus wearing out their tires faster and causing them to buy more.

    10. German chocolate cake is named after a guy, not the country of Germany.

    Lauripatterson / Getty Images

    It's actually named after Sam German, a guy who created a type of sweet baking chocolate that was traditionally used in the recipe for the cake. And he wasn't even German.

    11. People who grew up watching black-and-white TV tend to dream in black and white!


    A 2008 study found that people aged 55 and up (so these same people would be in their 60s or older now) dream in black and white about 25% of the time, most likely because they grew up watching TV in black and white. Younger people who watched color TV almost always dream in color.