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This Virgin America Employee Writes The Most Hilarious Signs

This is why people love this airline so much.

If you've ever taken a Virgin America flight out of San Francisco, you might have seen Steve Freitag.

Steve Freitag / Via

That's Steve and his unanimously voted epic beard right there.

For years, Steve and his gate crew have been having a bit of fun with the messages on gate signs.

Steve Freitag / Via

The result is a seriously hilarious collection of signs.

Steve Freitag / Via

Honestly, most airlines should play "Yakety Sax" during boarding.

Sometimes, Steve will even get in costume to add to the joke.

Steve Freitag / Via

This one was on April Fools' Day, natch.

For example, his "Hipster Santa" outfit around Christmas.

Steve Freitag / Via

According to Steve, Virgin encourages employees to make the air-travel experience fun.

Steve Freitag / Via

"Our management at Virgin America encourage us to be creative and have fun on the job, and even say 'bring your personality to work,'" Steve told BuzzFeed.

Basically, as long as the sign isn't being used for any important announcements, it's fair game for the employees to mess with.

Steve Freitag / Via

"If we don't have other information to convey on the signs (such as weather delays), we can have fun and joke around, so long as the signs aren't insulting or mean-spirited," he added.

Sometimes the signs are more emotional, as in the case of this touching tribute to Leonard Nimoy.

Steve Freitag / Via

But for the most part, they're just meant to put a smile on customers' faces.

Steve Freitag / Via

This one is just insanely clever.

Virgin America was recently bought by Alaska Airlines, worrying customers that this sort of experience might disappear with the merger.

Steve Freitag. / Via

However, Steve said that all of the Alaska Airlines employees he's met have been "awesome and welcoming," so hopefully they'll carry on the tradition.

You can check out even more of Steve's amazing signs in his Imgur gallery. Or maybe if you're lucky, in person at SFO airport!