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Updated on May 5, 2020. Posted on Jun 9, 2019

You'll Only Get 8/10 On This Disney Quiz If You Remember Colors Well

Can you...remember all the colors of the wind?

  1. What color are Scar's eyes?

  2. What color is Frozone's outfit?

  3. What color is Pocahontas's necklace?

  4. What color are Kuzco's earrings?

  5. What color are Esmerelda's eyes?

  6. What color is Ursula's eye shadow?

  7. What color are Lightning McQueen's hubcaps in Cars 3?

  8. What's the correct color of Meg's hairband?

  9. What color is the orb on Maleficent's staff?

  10. And finally, what color is the gem on Jasmine's hair band?

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