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    This Might Be The Prettiest Starbucks In The World

    Instagram THIS.

    Normally when you go to Starbucks, the only Instagramming you're doing is of your colorful Frappucino.

    But this Starbucks in Kyoto, Japan, is probably the only Starbucks in the world that's worth 'Gramming instead of your drink.

    Starbucks / Via

    There are plenty of other unique Starbucks stores out there, but come on, LOOK AT THIS.

    It can be found on Ninen-zaka, one of Kyoto's many historically protected streets with strict preservation standards.

    The building itself dates all the way back to the mid-1700s, but even the more modern additions to the interior are beautifully presented.

    The second floor has rooms with traditional tatami mats where guests can remove their shoes and have a seat on cushions.

    So much nicer than metal tables and bar stools, tbh.

    This Starbucks location opens on June 30, so uh...better book your tickets to Kyoto now.