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This Mind-Blowing "Game Of Thrones" Theory Might Explain Hodor

There could be a lot more to Hodor than you think. Minor spoilers from Season 6, Episode 2!

Ever since Season 1, Hodor on Game of Thrones has been capable of saying only one thing.

That changed this week, though, when Bran Stark saw a vision of the past which included a young Hodor...then named Wylis!

Even more surprising was how eloquent and talkative he was. But what happened to turn him into the Hodor we know and love today?

Two redditors, u/TazoGreenTea and u/gbinasia, think that Hodor might have been a warg, just like Bran.

The theory goes even deeper than that: Since Hodor was a stable boy, it's likely that he would have chosen to warg into his favorite animal — a horse.

This could, in part, explain why Hodor is so comfortable carrying Bran on his back using a saddle, and why he's afraid of thunder (as horses often are).

The only question left would be why Hodor only says "Hodor." But what if that's the name of Lyanna's horse?????