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This Tumblr Post About "How I Met Your Mother" Is A Mind-Blower

What if Barney Stinson wasn't really so...Barney-ish?

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I don't know that I agree that Future Ted was "trying to get his children to approve of him dating Robin again," but the theory might still hold up, regardless.


The kids are the ones that suggest that Ted should go back to dating Robin, and Ted seems surprised by it at first, so that probably wasn't his aim. BUT, in thinking back on past events, doesn't it kinda make sense that Ted would exaggerate the traits of his friends? If Ted had any animosity toward Barney at all, he might — even subconsciously — think of Barney as more of a jerk than he was.

  1. What do you think? Do you buy this theory?

    Yes, Barney was wronged.
    No, Barney is who he is!
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What do you think? Do you buy this theory?
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