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This Russian Artist Drew Countries As People And They're Totally Badass

Each country is illustrated as a kind of sci-fi/fantasy hero.

Meet Anastasia Bulgakova. She's a Russia-based artist who specializes in fantasy and sci-fi art.

Anastasia's art has been all over Tumblr, Reddit and other corners of the internet lately because of her series re-imagining countries of the world as sci-fi/fantasy warriors.

For each country, Anastasia draws on their past — and even the occasional stereotype — to create these otherworldly characters. For example, England here has a clear '80s punk influence...and an English bulldog.

Some of the takes are lighter and more humorous, like this illustration of Canada.

Others — like Bulgakova's home country of Russia — are a little bloodier.

Here's Germany, who wears a mech suit as a nod to the country's pride in their engineering.

And her depiction of Japan draws on the country's samurai history.

Bulgakova plans on continuing the series, with China being the next country on her slate, and says that she gets a lot of requests for specific countries, too.

For now, you can check out the whole series (which includes France, Israel, and others), and even buy prints, at Bulgakova's Gumroad store.