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17 Memes That Will Make Any Track Athlete Laugh


1. For some reason, it's impossible to keep track of your uniform:

2. And this happens every. single. time.

3. There will never not be a rivalry between distance and sprinters:

4. Even though everyone has to deal with these:

5. But you never start talking about shins in front of hurdlers:

6. In high school, you just laugh at the other kids in gym class:

7. Your closet always looks a little something like this, especially if you do decathlon:

8. If you run distance, you always have this moment:

9. And this one:

10. And you know you can chow down later:

11. And when you don't best your personal record, you get more than a little disappointed:

12. Practice is never canceled. Ever.

13. You like to think you look good when you run:

14. ...but you know there's actually no such thing as an attractive running photo:

15. When you're a sprinter and decide to try some long-distance running, you're like:

16. But you actually get to enjoy your victory laps:

17. Of course, if all that running is too much, you can always be a thrower: