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    Updated on Jun 22, 2019. Posted on Jul 5, 2016

    18 Things That Women Will Never Truly Understand

    Stop it, random boner.

    1. When you very casually try to unstick your balls from your leg on a hot day:


    2. This one will look familiar to anyone who's been surprised with the double-stream:

    3. And the only thing more annoying is this:

    4. There's that moment when you're trying to pee and someone ignores the empty line of urinals and stands right next to you:

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    5. But then there's that beautiful moment when you get the rare solo urinal:

    6. Sometimes you sit down in a stall, and your penis accidentally touches the toilet seat:


    7. Or even worse, the TOILET WATER:


    8. And that small moment of panic when you walk into a restroom and there are no urinals, and you're 100% sure you just made a mistake:

    20th Century Fox

    9. That feeling you get when your balls start itching and you can't do anything because you're in public:

    10. And when you finally get a chance, you have to employ the "pinch & roll" technique:

    11. When your S.O. sees your flaccid penis for the first time and they're all like:


    12. There are those moments when you're sure you just broke it:

    13. Or when someone was nice and did your laundry, but they did ALL your laundry:

    14. That boost of confidence when you're done with a trim:

    15. Honestly, it'd be nice to just shave the whole lot sometimes:

    16. When you get a random boner and it's just not the time for it:


    17. But then you're trying to get frisky after you've had a little too much to drink and your penis is just like:

    18. But then you remember that you don't get a period, and you're like:


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