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21 '90s Things That Were Maybe Inconvenient But Still Totally Awesome

Nothing felt better than slamming a flip phone shut.

1. Remember when you could end a frustrating phone call with the satisfying *clack* of shutting a flip phone? The best.

A clamshell flip phone

2. Although it might have felt even better to slam a landline phone down on the receiver.

A landline phone on a table

3. Do kids these days have Trapper Keepers with wild, neon designs on them? Maybe, but probably not.

A 90s Trapper Keeper with Sonic the Hedgehog on it

4. Social media is a great way to get info to all your friends quickly, but nothing could top the personal moodiness of an AIM away message.

5. We had these books with matching cassette tapes, which were great for a rainy day indoors.

6. Everything was transparent, which was pretty dope.

7. Sure, Netflix is great, but nothing made Friday night feel like Friday night quite like picking out a movie or two from the "new releases" section at Blockbuster.

A customer picking out movies at a Blockbuster Video

8. And back when those movies were on VHS, they came in plastic-smelling cases that were soooo satisfying to open and snap shut.

An orange VHS tape of the Rugrats movie next to its clamshell case

9. Sure, Pizza Hut is convenient these days with counter service and ordering through an app, but back in the day, Pizza Hut was, like, a full-on restaurant! The salad bar! The rustic vibes!

10. And McDonald's seats might be a little more comfortable to sit in now, but tragically, they are not shaped like burgers.

11. Nowadays, you just get a code to redeem for points online, but back in the '90s, you'd know right away if you won a free soda.

A pair of old soda bottle caps that say "please play again" and "buy Dew or Pepsi 20oz get 1 free"

12. Playing online games is super cool. But nothing could ever top playing Goldeneye on this sucker with three of your friends, sitting in the same room and yelling at each other not to cheat by looking at your part of the screen.

13. You still get Happy Meal toys today, but are they awesome transforming food toys?

14. Nickelodeon still makes great shows, but their studios used to be a spot that '90s kids dreamed of seeing in person.

15. Sure, Spotify is convenient. But it was such a flex to have a big, heavy collection of CDs in one of these cases to show off your impeccable musical taste.

A zip-up CD case with a collection of Green Day CDs

16. I'm still kinda stunned that we were allowed to use most likely toxic chemicals and a heat source that could burn us to make little rubbery bugs, but dang, it was fun.

The box cover for the Creepy Crawlers Workshop toy

17. Sure, kids these days get to use computers and stuff, but is that really better than the parachute during gym class? Doubtful.

18. Were these chair-desk combos kinda uncomfortable? Yes. But they were also great for cracking your back.

A school chair with attached desk

19. With all the advancements in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store (those geniuses at Ben & Jerry's are always up to something), nothing has quite hit like Viennetta used to.

A Viennetta ice cream cake being sliced

20. Minimalist, modern soda can design? Boring. Mid-'90s soda can design? Rad!

21. And finally: Sure, checking the internet for school closures is quick and easy. But looking out your window and seeing a bunch of snow and then watching the little crawl at the bottom of the screen on the local news for school closures just had a little extra suspense that made it that much better.

A snow-covered road in a residential neighborhood