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These People Complaining About "The Wiz" Seem To Have Forgotten That "The Wizard Of Oz" Exists

Let's learn some Broadway history, shall we?

As you might already know, The Wiz Live! is premiering on Dec. 3 and it's probz going to be amazing.

The musical, which was written to feature an all-black cast, is based loosely on The Wizard of Oz, which had its own screen adaptation.

Some people aren't aware of the difference between the two, though, and seem ~confused~.

They're not really getting it.

Still not getting it.


Maybe we should tell them that The Wiz and The Wizard of Oz are two different musicals.

And that there's already been an all-white Wizard of Oz.

Because they really seem confused.

Not grasping the concept. Or the irony.

Sorry, everyone, but Glee did it first.