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Prepare To Scream "NOPE" At The "American Horror Story" Maze At Halloween Horror Nights

Who wants to go through the Murder House? Anyone?

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Hey, so you know how American Horror Story is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING?!?!


Well, this year you'll be able to live out the show yourself when it comes to Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando.


Yes, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios has a new maze this year, and it's AHS-themed.

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Guests will be able to go through the Murder House from Season 1...

...experience the Freak Show from Season 4 (and hopefully stay far away from Twisty)...

...and finally, try to survive the horrors of the Hotel Cortez from Season 5.

John Murdy, the Creative Director at Universal Studios, said in the company's press release that AHS was the "number one requested maze" from Halloween Horror Nights fans.

"We’re excited to let them know that we listened to them and are bringing American Horror Story to life," he said.

Probably going to have to take refuge in the Wizarding World section of the park and have a Butterbeer after going through this one. Bye.

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