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23 Moms Who Were Clearly Meant To Be Moms

"My mom keeps calling Game of Thrones 'Kings & Things.'"

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1. This mom, who forgot Panic at the Disco's name.

2. This mom, who wasn't up on her lingo.

3. This mom, who had some advice about porn names.

4. This mom, who had a much better title for Game of Thrones.

5. This mom, who wasn't satisfied with "LOL" or "LMAO."

6. This mom, who tried to reason with the dog.

7. This mom, who is doing the whole divorce thing right.

8. This mom, who had important Facebook goals.

9. This mom, who had some breakup advice to pass on.

10. This mom, who censored some TV nudity for her family.

11. These moms, who really put their feet down.

12. This mom, whose pun game is even stronger than her emoji game.

13. This mom, who wanted to be VERY CLEAR just in case she died of a Robitussin overdose.


15. This mom, who basically started a dating site for laundry.

16. This mom, who appreciates a good personality in a chocolate candy.

17. This mom, who knows when she's taken a good pic.

18. This mom, who has made a terrible error.

19. This mom, whose mom joke outdid any dad joke.

20. This mom, who had heard enough complaints.

21. This mom, who was done with making dinner.

22. This mom, who was clearly so excited for this joke.

23. And this mom, who might be a genius.

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