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    Tamagotchis Are Officially Coming Back To The US And Mine's Probably Already Dead

    "Did I feed my Tamagotchi yesterday?"

    Anybody who grew up in the '90s remembers the Tamagotchi ~craze~.

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    They sold out everywhere, and eBay, like, barely existed so it wasn't much help.

    Well, whether you were a lucky kid who got a Tamagotchi or a poor soul who didn't, I have good news: THEY'RE COMING BACK!

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    The toy was already rereleased in Japan earlier this year, but they're making their US debut in November!

    The revamped versions are called Tamagotchi Friends, and they come in six different designs.

    Bandai Namco

    The toys will retail for $14.99, and the color you pick won't change what kind of Tamagotchi you raise — you'll have a choice of six different characters no matter which little egg you choose.

    According to a hands-on review by Gamespot, this new version will actually be less "high maintenance" than the original Tamagotchi.

    Bandai Namco

    Basically, with these ones you'll just feed it and clean up its poop. Other features of the original, such as "training" games and discipline, reportedly won't be in these models.

    You can grab a new Tamagotchi for yourself and fulfill all your '90s childhood dreams when they hit shelves Nov. 5.

    Bandai Namco

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