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15 Sinfully Great Reality Shows You Can Binge-Watch Right Now

*claps* Throw the wine! Throw the wine!

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1. Married at First Sight


Why it's great: In a TV landscape where you think every reality show premise has been done, Married at First Sight will still surprise you. The show uses matchmaking to pair up three couples and has them meet for the very first time at the altar, as they're getting married.

From there, the couples spend six weeks together and decide at the end if they want to stay together or get divorced. Does it completely undermine the sanctity of marriage? Yeah. Is it totally watchable? Hell yeah.

Where to binge it: All episodes are available on A&E's website — the first six are free, but the rest require a cable login.

2. Say Yes to the Dress


Why it's great: You get the drama of brides and their entourages arguing over dresses, the shock when a bride buys a dress that costs as much as your whole wedding did, and the joy when they finally find the dress they're saying "yes" to. Plus you get to laugh at Pnina Tornai's lingerie dresses.

Where to binge it: Seasons 9–12 are available on Hulu.

3. The Great British Bake Off

BBC / Love Productions

Why it's great: Food competition shows are usually fun, but this one (known as The Great British Baking Show in the U.S.) is especially great due to spectacular victories and equally spectacular failures, as well as the characters we get from the pool of amateur contestants.

Where to binge it: One season (10 episodes) is currently available on Netflix.

4. An Idiot Abroad

Why it's great: If you ever listened to Ricky Gervais' podcast, you're familiar with the titular "idiot," Karl Pilkington. It's not really that he's an idiot, it's more that he has an incredibly odd way of looking at the world, which makes for some beyond hilarious reactions when he visits the world's greatest wonders (and is usually thoroughly unimpressed).

Where to binge it: All three seasons are available on Netflix.


5. House Hunters

Why it's great: People looking for new homes check out three each episode, then choose one at the end. They say the dumbest things in the meantime, and you get to laugh at them. But then you stick around and watch every episode because you get very invested in granite countertops and original hardwood floors.

Where to binge it: A "collection" of 25 episodes is available on Netflix.

6. Fixer Upper


Why it's great: Chip and Joanna Gaines are renovators in Waco, Texas. Not only do they take crappy houses and make them beautiful for their clients (which is super satisfying to watch), they are also an adorable couple with adorable kids and even some adorable farm animals. It's just a cute, feel-good kind of show.

Where to binge it: Season 1 is available on Netflix.

7. Catfish


Why it's great: The show never reaches the full "WTF is even happening" levels of the original documentary, but it's still fascinating to see how people still get duped by catfishing scams. Some episodes will have you wondering if the subjects are just in it for the show, but most seem completely genuine.

Where to binge it: Seasons 1–5 are available on Hulu.

8. Keeping Up With the Kardashians


Why it's great: You know all about them at this point, whether you want to or not. But now that the Kardashians have become such a pop culture force, it's fascinating to look back at early episodes and see how far they've come. Some early episodes are also hilariously scripted (like the one in which they hire a babysitter, played by a porn star who was one of Charlie Sheen's "goddesses").

Where to binge it: Seasons 1–10 are available on Hulu. The spin-offs (like Kourtney & Kim take Miami) are also available.


9. The Biggest Loser


Why it's great: The show definitely causes some concern over how contestants are treated and how their health is taken into consideration, but the transformations are so incredible that it's tough not to watch a whole season once you've started.

Where to binge it: Season 1 and Seasons 6–17 are all available on Hulu.

10. The Hills


Why it's great: You might be very sad to hear that the incredible Laguna Beach is only available to stream with a cable login. However, you can watch almost every season of The Hills, which is just as good. The show brought us Speidi, and Audrina's infamous "It's crazy all this is happening while Lauren is gone." It's just so good.

Where to binge it: Seasons 2–6 are available on Hulu. You can watch the first episode for free (and the rest of the series with a cable login) on

11. Basically any Real Housewives show


Why it's great: Real Housewives is the gold standard of trashy reality TV. Fighting, wine throwing, drunken has it all. And with roughly 3,486 spin-offs, there's plenty of it for you to binge.

Where to binge it: Here's a link to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Hulu. You can find the rest of the franchise on there too.

12. RuPaul's Drag Race


Why it's great: This show is so off-the-wall crazy that sometimes you'll be wondering if what you're watching is even real. Plus, are you seeing the brilliance that is RuPaul's pun game in the above image? Yeah.

Where to binge it: You can watch the first five seasons on Amazon Prime, and watch more recent seasons (4–7) on Hulu.


13. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta


Why it's great: There are a lot of shows out there whose premise is basically just "[insert profession] Wives," but Love & Hip Hop is the one that will get you the most memorable and quotable moments for your time. Choose Atlanta, Hollywood, or the original; they're all pretty good.

Where to binge it: You can watch Seasons 1–6 on Hulu.

14. Storage Wars


Why it's great: This show is a dinosaur by reality TV standards, but the early days of it were so damn great. A&E put together a delightfully strange cast of characters, who bid on abandoned storage units without knowing the contents. Then, they try to sell the junk for a profit (which doesn't always work out). You'll be yelling "YUUUUUP" by the end of it.

Where to binge it: You can watch Season 3 and Season 4 on Hulu.

15. Top Gear


Why it's great: Did you know that Top Gear is the most-watched reality TV show in the world since the mid-2000s? According to Netflix, it is. It makes sense: The antics of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will crack you up, and you might even learn a bit about cars, too.

Where to binge it: Series 18–22 are available on Netflix.