Literally Just 19 Satisfying Photos Of Things Fitting Into Other Things

    We're gonna keep it simple yet satisfying here.

    1. These Lego pieces, perfectly arranged in a bin:

    2. This bathroom mat with juuuuust the right dimensions:

    3. This TV that was made to match this fireplace:

    4. This cup and mouse pad, two completely different objects, that are somehow perfect for each other:

    5. This shelf and all the boxes nicely stacked on it:

    6. This car's perfectly shaped spot for some cheesy bread:

    7. These grocery store shelves:

    8. This bath mat that managed to hide in the dryer:

    9. This river boat's window, which perfectly frames the London Eye:

    10. This desk, which has the perfect hole for this random plant:

    11. The Netflix play button over the artwork for The Witcher:

    13. This tin mug, which just belongs in this cup holder:

    14. This drawer full of playing cards:

    15. This truck full of mattresses:

    16. This organizer, which wasn't designed for MacBooks but works well with them nonetheless:

    17. This bathroom scale, which might as well be a tile:

    18. And finally, this cup, which is exactly the size that this water dispenser needs:

    H/T to r/PerfectFit