Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, And Jake Gyllenhaal All Trolled Each Other On #BestFriendsDay

    Three men this handsome shouldn't be allowed to ALSO be this charming.

    If you follow either Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds on Twitter or Instagram, you probably already know how much they enjoy trolling the hell out of each other.

    How well do you really know @RealHughJackman?

    Ryan made this fake campaign ad back when Hugh was starring in The Frontrunner last year, for example.

    Even better, Jake Gyllenhaal has recently been jumping in on the fun, with the three friends finding new ways to prank each other.

    These assholes told me it was a sweater party. @RealHughJackman #JakeGyllenhaal

    Well, according to the internet today is #BestFriendsDay, so Ryan naturally posted these photos of him with Hugh, but only wished Jake a "happy #BestFriendsDay" in the caption.

    Only about 10 minutes went by before Hugh responded with his own Instagram post, writing, "Stage 4 clinger. #bestfriendsday #HiJake."

    Since he was already caught in the middle of it, Jake had to post SOMEthing...so he took Ryan's cue and posted a pic of him and Hugh together, writing, "Happy #bestfriendsday to Ryan Reynolds (not pictured)."

    Don't worry, Ryan had a joke ready in response.

    And so the trolling between three of the world's most handsome men continues. How will it end? Maybe we'll find out on #NationalPrankYourFriendsDay or something.