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    17 People Who Wrote Most Hilariously, Beautifully Depraved Sentences I've Read This Month

    Some people just have a way with words. These are some of those people.

    1. NGL, this would be hella confusing:

    Twitter: @TheAndrewNadeau

    2. *Stands up and aggressively applauds*

    someone asks, none of y'all know what propaganda actually is do you, and a person responds, it's when a british person takes a good look at something

    3. I can confidently say that I've never seen this content warning on any other movie:

    Twitter: @BlakeWexler

    4. This is definitely a brand new sentence, but it's also cute as heck:

    Twitter: @PrettiestFrog

    5. Apologies to all my friends and relatives, but I will now be saying, "Brother I would not pay an acorn a decade," alllllll the time from now on:

    Chesnot / Getty Images Twitter: @vinn_ayy

    6. Poetry for the childfree:

    imagine thinking you have a monopoly on suffering because you were rawdogging

    7. Yadda yadda 2023 bingo card:

    Twitter: @lavenderobbers / / Angelina Pilarionos / Shutterstock


    if god isn't real then why does the palm of a man fit so perfectly around the throat of a goose

    9. A sage and wise point:

    if you don't find farts funny, you are choosing to live in a world with less joy and the same amount of farts

    10. I....... what?

    headline says, 3000 crocodiles have sex after mistakes helicopter sounds for mating calls

    11. To be fair, anyone who has ever worked as a receptionist for more than a week would have dark energy:

    one star review: i have been a professional medium for 15 years but when i walked into the studio i was assaulted by the dark energy radiating from monica at the front desk

    12. Hmm. Evocative:

    bdsm is impossible to take seriously, it's literally looney tunes sex, tom and jerry ass

    13. Feed them!

    i miss vhs tapes and cds i miss feeding my computers and tvs yummy treats

    14. He's out of line, but he's right:

    Twitter: @BATHSmusic

    15. Ok, I will also be using this in my daily life:

    i feel like people need to relearn genre expectations man this tragedy sucks why didn't they just xyz then everything could've ended happily, well then it woudn't be a tragedy would it

    16. Grubhub driver has pizazz:

    this is your grubhub driver, thomas, seek me outside for i have come

    17. And finally, this masterpiece of a sentence:

    Twitter: @thenoahkinsey

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