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    21 Posts That Shouldn't Be Funny But — Holy Crap — They Really Are

    Some pictures are worth a thousand words, but these are worth a thousand giggles.

    1. This text from a mom:

    2. This revelation from the real Robert Pattinson:

    3. And this message from Tony Hawk that probably isn't real, but one can hope:

    4. This fact:

    5. This alert:

    6. This custom Toblerone:

    My roommate got super stoned a couple weeks back and found out you can order a personalized big toblerone. He immediately forgot about it until it showed up last night

    Twitter: @gordihyena

    7. This Skyrim mod:

    ok from skamtebord

    8. This response:

    9. This text from grandpa:

    10. This very convincing response:

    11. This seller:

    12. This simple solution:

    13. This new name:

    A tweet from Hot Pockets asking people to show their pet and they'll name them, someone responds with a photo of a lobster wearing mittens, and Hot Pockets responds with "dog"

    14. This summary:

    15. This order:

    16. This relatable answer:

    17. This manhunt for the infamous Snart:

    18. This breakfast food:

    19. This bit of honesty:

    20. This sign:

    21. And finally, yaint:

    H/T to my new favorite subreddit: r/skamtebord